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What equipment do I need to play field hockey?

What type of shoes should I wear to play field hockey?

There is no need to invest in any special type of footwear in order to play field hockey, running shoes will work. 

  • Outdoor Hockey: Some players will wear a "turf shoe" that is designed to be worn on field turf, however, a running shoe will work just fine.

  • Indoor Hockey: You will need a pair of clean 'indoor shoes', however, some players do prefer to wear a "court shoe" similar to what you would wear to play squash.

When does the field hockey season begin? 

  • Outdoor Field Hockey: the outdoor season traditionally starts on the Tuesday immediately following the Victoria Day, however, this is dependant on City of Oshawa Facility Permit availability

  • Indoor Field Hockey: the indoor season typically starts on the Tuesday immediately following Thanksgiving (also dependant on permit and gym availability) 

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